I Know I Am Intelligent Because I Know That I Know Nothing .... Socrates

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I just returned home today after spending the last 3 days at one of the most magical places I have ever visited in my life. I have just spent 3 days in a earthy timber cabin deep within a National Park Rainforest where my front door and verandah overlooked a brisk flowing natural rainforest spring. ( The Mouse House Link )

I was visited each afternoon by the Possums and kept company all day by two scrub bush turkeys.

I woke when I pleased, went to bed when I pleased, ate when nature reminded me to and generally sat back and STOPPED !

I listened to the water flowing softly down the mossy mountain stream, I listened to the trees with their leaves rustling gently around me.

I soaked in the living scents of the forest and opened my heart to its energy and peace.

I allowed myself to listen to my own thoughts, to acknowledge my own feelings and without punishment of judgment I acknowledged my actions and part in my life to date.

I layed in utter darkness and was engulfed by the roar of silence.

And I listened as the Rainforest woke to the day.

I tingled as the cool moist rainforest morning air caressed my skin.
I sat back and read words of wisdom shared with me from a friend.

And wrote poetry because I can.

I connected with myself and I made a new friend.

Searching for my higher self
And feeling the love from thee.
Connecting with the source of life
And listening to her life energy run free.
I ask nothing of thee
But to feel your grace.
To lift my heart
And to free my mind.
Free me from society
And the pressures it asks of me.
Time to Breath
Time to Feel
Time to talk to ME.
Andrew Swansson
Copyright March 2010
Dohi to you all and thank you for reading my Blog


  1. Hey Andrew and thanks for your message on my website! I am so glad you did because I have now discovered yours too! Refreshing to read a male perspective. I look forward to reading more. Dohi to you! (though not sure what it means ;-) will look into....)

  2. Bro - I haven't written for a few days but I had to laugh when I saw your blog tonight - The Mouse's House is a place that I have wanted to go for years now and I was just talking to Mick about booking a weekend there soon - LOL - I saw where you had been and I stomped my feet at Mick and said you beat me - No really I am so glad you got to go there and have such an obviously peaceful but mind opening time. I am so happy for you and am absolutely relishing following your journey at this time in your life. it is just beyond words for me to see you blossoming. Love You, Big Sis