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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Three Deadly Sins ~ Dreams, Fears & Gunna

Been reading a lot of books and blogs of late and so many argue the case for or against my three deadly sins ~

Dreams, Fears or the daddy of them all Mr Gunna.

A lot argue the case for having dreams and goals while just as many argue that unless your living life on the edge with fear chasin ya ass then your not in the race.

And then lets not forget Mr Gunna who never quite manages to get around to anything, be it a dream or a challenge against his fear.

Now I have know Mr Gunna for many~many years, in fact we might be what you call blood brothers. I have known him since my early years and we do so much together that I never seem to have time to focus on anything else.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I have no other interests other than hanging out with me mate Gunna, I have more than my share of dreams such as Swimming with the Great White Sharks down in South Australia, Touring Australia in particular the amazing North of Western Australia, then there is one of my favourite dreams of actually getting my motorbike licence and a big cruiser to bring out on the weekends and to just ride like I'm in Easyrider. Now that I mention it I've always wanted to skydive and scuba dive but I am too overweight for that .... but hang on, I've always planned on loosing that weight and as soon as I can just clear up a few of the distractions in my life I'll be right on it, mark my word I will ! but I could go on for hours about my dreams, I have so many !

Ok I hear ya say'in, what about ya fears though ! Well let me tell you .... I don't have any fears ! Nup that's right not one !

Well maybe just a few small ones such as spiders ! Oh and I also fear being alone, occasionally I fear trying new things because if I don't succeed then I'm worried that people with think I'm a failure.

Oh one other thing I fear .... any movie by Stephen King ~~ pretty silly little stuff hey !

All joking aside, I am one of those people who hates change and I fear anything that rocks my comfort boat.

I fear not achieving my dreams, I fear not having dreams, I fear not being able to conquer my fear, I fear fear !

But most of all I Fear Staying The Same More Than I Fear Change !

Goals and Dreams with out actions are just time wasters, Fear stands for " Fantasised Events Appearing Real " and as for Mr Gunna, well he's no friend, he's just the Devil in disguise trying to stop you acting on your dreams and stop you from conquering your fears.

I guess this is a good time to go back to my blog " Lessons in life " and remind myself about my goals.

Dohi & Thank you for reading my Blog

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  1. Hi Bro - you have no idea how closely I am following your words and todays have moved me completely - those sharks are still waiting and our trip to SA could be a reality within the next year. Keep blossoming Andrew - keep blossoming. Love you to bits, Wendy