I Know I Am Intelligent Because I Know That I Know Nothing .... Socrates

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I had an amazing experience today while grabbing a few things from the supermarket on the way home from work today.

As I was walking through the shop feeling tired and overworked while focusing on how little money I had and worrying about trying to pick out healthy food for Grub and I to eat, I was distracted by a loud laugh and the stomping of feet, looking up from the eggs I saw a couple in there mid 30's.
She was getting a piggyback from her partner who for all his effort was being slapped on the upper arm by his Jockey who obviously wanted her steed to go faster.

I stood there just staring at them blank, not knowing really what to think about it all.

As they both spun around on the spot we made eye contact and they briefly stoped their canter through the bread isle.

With that they both broke into the biggest innocent smiles from ear to ear and just smiled at me. I couldn't help but return the favour and gave them both a genuine heart felt smile from ear to ear.

Suddenly as quick as they galloped into my day, they galloped away only as they galloped away they took my bad day and worries with them.

I finished my limited shopping but suddenly I felt invigorated and couldn't stop smiling.

At the register the cashier was having difficulty with her equipment which wasn't working correctly, she looked tired and frustrated so I smiled from my heart and watched her smile in return ....


  1. Hi Bro - love the post and it is sooo true - tell me though - where on earth did you find the picture to match with your post. On one of the blogs I follow there is a link to a laughing video and as I watched it today and laughed outloud it really changed my day. Love Ya, Wendy

  2. Hee..hee...awesome! Made me smile too Andrew! :)