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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Natural Disaster

Welcome 2011

So here we go, another year and another fresh start.

I deliberately didn’t make any New year’s resolutions or New Year wishes this year as I figure what will be will be and any feeble promises to the gods or pleas for golden harvests haven’t been heard for the last 4 years so why would they start to be answered now.

I could go on about how rough of a time I’ve had over the last few years or how hard done by I am at the moment as I once again found myself unemployed only last Friday. But the truth of the matter is that I have nothing to complain about in the bigger picture of things.

You see, Queensland Australia has decided to face the new decade with the biggest floods the state has seen in over 50 years and experienced the wettest December in 150 years.

Much of Queensland has been severely flood effected with thousands of homes and businesses completely submersed with complete destruction.

Most of the state’s crops and grazing stocks have been lost or severely damaged, the state’s infrastructure just simply washed away.

Yes everything can be rebuilt but this will take many years to repair and of course personal possessions and lives can never be replaced.

At this stage I will not write much more but rather share some photographs to show you the total devastation these floods are causing.

There is a Flood Appeal being run by the State Government to help those effected and if you find yourself in the position to donate please do so.

This monsoonal season doesn’t finish until towards the end of March with heavy monsoonal rain and Cyclones ( Hurricanes ) forcast right through to the end of the monsoonal season.

Donations can be made at : http://telethon.smartservice.qld.gov.au/

For further information : http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/breaking-news/floodrelief

Must see footage of Toowoomba ( Located on the top of a mountain range ) http://www.abc.net.au/news/video/2011/01/10/3109884.htm

Please help spread the word of these devestating floods and the appeal links above.

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