I Know I Am Intelligent Because I Know That I Know Nothing .... Socrates

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Little Blog About Nothing

This Blog is about nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

So why did you open it ? Did you think you would gain something ? Did you think you would learn something ?

Well whatever the reason, you were wrong !

Reading this blog will tell you nothing, so you might as well stop reading now !

There is no news in this blog, no politics, no gossip, no last minute up-to-date reports. There is no health news, law reforms or current statistics contained in this blog about nothing.

No Information At All !

So you may as well stop reading now !

You aren't going to learn a thing by reading this blog !

Are you STILL reading ?

Why are you still reading this blog about nothing ? Look, quit now while you're still ahead ! Honest this blog will tell you nothing.

I don't believe it ! You are still reading !!

Do you realise you have read now for over a minute and what exactly have you learned ?


Look, let's approach this sensibly, sit down.

Why don't you find a newspaper or a novel, maybe even an excyclopedia or something. That way you will benifit and gain something for your reading effort.... See you later ! Bye ...

You're still here !!

Stop reading this NOW ! you empty headed pea brain.

Sigh ... Your still reading aren't you ... YES !

You can't help yourself can you ?

You can't stop !

You must keep going and read this blog about nothing !

You are going to read on regardless !


I take it you don't have a newspaper or encyclopedia handy. Go read a cereal packet then. You won't learn anything if you keep readingn, go on off you go.

Good Bye



You are learning nothing ! You are wasting your time !


Close this page NOW ! Here's your big chance.

You can't stop reading can you ?

You're addicted. Maybe I could get you to eat a cow pad, you're obviously easily amused.

You can't help yourself, you must satisfy your pathetic curiosity.


One last chance -- " STOP READING NOW "


Well, here you are still reading.


You are learning nothing, you know that don't you ?

You are wasting your time sitting behind that monitor reading this blog but you can't control yourself can you ?

Just watch this ....

See ! ... Your still here !

I knew you would be, you can't help yourself !!

Go for a walk.

Go earn some money.

Go rob a bank.

Go do something -- ANYTHING !

Don't just sit there reading about NOTHING !

Still reading, eh ?


Ok bucko, if you don't stop reading this trash NOW it will corrupt your monitor and explode.

Well, arn't you a tough nut to crack !!

Even threats can't stop you reading - wasting your time.

Do you always vegitate this way ?

What teh hell do you hope to gain ?

Look I've just about had enough and take my word for it, there is absolutely NOTHING worth anything in this blog, NOTHING ! so shut the web page down now you jerk !

Why ? Why? Why

This is rediculous. here you are reading about NOTHING !!!

Another minute gone, you should be ashamed of yourself !!

Can't stop yourself can you !

No Willpower !!


Still here ?

And Yes you're still reading even though there was only dots to read !

It's pitiful .....



You my friend have a face like a buckled burp !!

So you're still here, even insults can't stop you !

I don't have to put up with this. i refuse to have you reading about nothing at all. In Fact, I REFUSE TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU AT ALL !!



No, I thought not. Had to read the last paragraph didn't you ? Couldn't resist it could you ! Yes this is the last paragraph because I refuse to write anymore. So There ! You have to push off now !

Good Riddance !

Ah Hah !

Caught you, you had to see if there was anymore didn't you !? Well this time there isn't, you HAVE to go and DO SOMETHING ELSE !! ( ha ha shove that in your left earhole )

The End

( I knew you'd have to read that !! You're disgusting ! A whole three minutes gone and what did you learn ? what did you gain ? )


( Happy New Year to all my Blog Friends out there ) :)


  1. Well, aren't you going to say something?

  2. Ha Ha Bro. I have nothing else to say.