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Monday, July 19, 2010

STOP !! Attention Please ......

Enough is enough !

And it's time to step up on the " Soap Box ", clear the throat and speak loud so that ALL can hear.

This blog is not so much one article but a series of smaller commentaries that I personally feel NEED to be said, they are only my personal opinion but I feel compelled to speak up and state my case.

I apologise in advance for any offence ( if taken ) and am always open to a good discussion, so feel free to " Educate " me if you feel I'm off the track.

Topic 1. " Immigrants ~ Both Legal and Illegal "

I am 4th generation Australian, I come from both German and Swedish ancestry ( among others ) and like all Australians we are of cross nationality in heritage. This country was born on the back of just about every nation on the face of the earth, but specifically the English & European countries.

But above all else, while being Multi Cultural we are " AUSTRALIAN " and we have a unique Australian way of life and existence. We are a Christian based country that believes in Jesus and God, we believe in Equality for all including our women, we believe in integration and NOT segregation and we believe in helping a mate help himself.

We do not have closed boarders and we do not genocide those who do not see the world as us.

I believe it's time that ALL AUSTRALIANS stand up to preserve our Australian ways, preserve what make this great country such a magnet to all others. We need to STOP immigrants changing our country to resemble theirs that they left and to appreciate and understand Australia's way of doing things.

And if any of the immigrants do not like OUR Country and the Australian way then they are free to return to their great country from which they left !

All immigration should be received through official channels or by direction of the U.N , those that seek to undercut the entry requirements should be automatically rejected.

Topic 2. " Elections "

How can parties repeatedly achieve greater than the highest number of primary votes yet not gain the seat due to back door deals on preferences and why should a sitting politician be able to call an election any time it suits them ? Why do we not vote for a specific National Prime minister and why do we continue to pay for more politicians per head of population than any other country in the world.

First point ~ Why do we not have One Vote One Value with nil preferences ? What is fairer than the person with the greatest number of primary votes being the elected member ?

Next point ~ Why do we not have a fixed term .. all to often our politicians are manipulating the system to hold an election based on a single positive event in their term and not based on the overall performance of their complete term. At the end of the day we are voting more frequently then needed at huge expense to the nations ~~ WHY ?

Next Point ~ We are a Democratic Country with freedom of speech and open elections, so why then are we faced with nameless back benches making backdoor deals in the shadows to remove democratically elected people from office to place non-mandated persons at the helm ( both at State level and Federal Level ) .. Many a Dictator has gained control of a nation this way and never returned it to the people.

Final Point ~ in today's technological society why are we not ONE Country without states and without state politicians .. Why do we not have Local Gov and Federal Gov with one set of laws for the land. Why do we have to extradite a criminal from one state to another at huge expense when we are ONE country. If we were to eliminate the states then we could hold a one vote one value election based over the complete country for a Federal Election and all votes would then be of equal value

Topic 3. " Unemployment and Welfare Payments "

Why does the federal governments of the day continue to spoon feed society welfare payments to the point of creating a welfare dependant generation ?

All civilised societies need a safety net for its citizens, after all shit happens and most of the time it is out of the hands of the person who pays the highest price.

However, our country has been too open with welfare for too many generation and now faces the issue of welfare dependant generations who have never worked or watched their parents work. We are left with half the society paying the price for the whole country !

First up, WE DO NOT NEED IMMIGRATION to fill our jobs ! Sorry folks but charity starts at home ! We need to look in the mirror and fix what we see first !

Welfare should be generous, but after 3 months it is cut to 75%, after 6 months it is cut to 50%, after 9 months it should be cut to 25% and it should stop after 12 months ... if you have not found ANY work after 12 months you are not looking or are being unrealistic. I have shoveled Chicken Shit for a living and I have managed major manufacturing facilities for a living .. I simply aim for what I want and if not available I take what I can get until what I want comes along !

Now if the Government limited working immigration and cut back on welfare it would have significant funds at its disposal to fund major national infrastructure that would be of asset value to the nation. Welfare is like rent .. dead money that once handed over is lost forever for no return.

If at ANY stage the welfare is insufficient then the government would be able to employ the unemployed worker on the national infrastructure projects showing the next generation that everything worth having is worth paying the price for and that NOTHING is free.

A government has nothing, therefor can give nothing for free ! It has to take before it can give !


Well folks, that's my say !

I'd love to hear your opinion.

Thank you for reading my Blog.


  1. Hear! Hear! Totally agree with you Andrew! As far as preferences...it's bloody sneaky and the ignorant are often hood-winked into voting for a party 'different' from the one they originally intended to vote for. I think politicians don't want to change the system, because they can count on alot of voters not understanding 'how to vote'.

  2. We have had many discussions on the above topics lately Bro. I would like to agree with most of what you say. Immigration I believe should be more controlled. I see it as a guest in someones house. If I have nowhere to go and you open your doors to me and give me a place to rest then I would consider it very bad manners to tell you how to run your home or live your life. I would be helpful and do the dishes and help with the laundry. I would make my bed and I would contribute whatever I could to the running of the home. If I tried to tell you not to dress and eat a certain way or if I tried to tell you what time to go to bed or who to vote for I am sure I would be asked to leave. People complicate things so much. It is simple. Live by the rules of the land you are being hosted by. Do not bite the hand that feeds you. If not then LEAVE. I believe we should help others less fortunate. We should be kind and considerate but we should also not be used and abused and allow our country to be the soapbox for another nation. The bottom line is that we can offer others opportunities and these are and should be offered in a fair and understanding way. People head to our shores on boats because somehow they understand fully that they will not have to return on that boat. They will not even have to return to their country. All this while we could be offering sanctury to those living in tent cities in refuge camps all around the world who would love nothing better to have somehwere decent to live while they find a way home (if their home ever exists anymore)Some people really do want to be at home - some really have no choice. Anyway, enough, love Ya, Sis

  3. Andrew ~ Are you sure you are writing about Australia and not the United States? I am a very proud and patriotic American. Having said that, however, it seems we share the same thoughts on the same subjects.

    Well said.