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Friday, July 9, 2010

Do You See What I See .....

I'm Back .......

Well, back to reality. My son and I just finished our 6 day Walkabout, we managed to travel about 1700km and visited places such as Caboolture, Nambour, Gympie, Bauple ( Home to my Sister Wendy ), Maryborough, Harvey Bay ( Home to my other Sister Susan ), Childers, Gaynda, Mundubbra, Monto, Biloela, Gladstone, Seventeen Seventy ( Location where Captain Cook first discovered Australia's East Coast ), Bundaberg then back to Brisbane.

It was by far one of the most relaxing holidays I've ever had and the time spent 100% focused on my son was priceless.

It's amazing how much more you hear when you actually STOP and listen with mind AND body. I certainly saw and heard a side to my boy that I had not noticed to date. He is definitely his own man even at only 13 years of age, with opinions and ideas unique and special, he has well defined dreams, ambitions and beliefs as well as having his own motivators and triggers.

Now all we have to do is work on his teenage mood swings and I recon we will be all OK for anything that life wants to throw our way.

At the risk of having this Blog sound like a disjointed ramble I have just flashed back to the view of thousands of acres of fully grown Sugar Cane in full flower and being harvested. It's and amazing sight to see both close up with the tri colour fields ( brown dead husk at the bottom, vibrant green stem in the middle and pastel purple flowering head at the top ) and at a distance to see huge purple field of flowering cane.

Another great experience was the visiting of the Bundaberg Rum Distillery. I purchased a specially labeled bottle of Bundaberg Rum which said " Bottled for Dylan " Grub " Swansson, Happy 40th Birthday 1997 - 2037. I have told him that he has to save the bottle until 2037 and we will have a drink for his 40th birthday.

We saw some of the most beautiful country side around both Cattle country, Cane Fields and Citrus Farms.
I had the honour of listing to Dylan practice his Trumpet just after dawn at the top of a country lookout with the low laying fog surrounding the hill and covering the massive Citrus Farms at its base.

We went to a old fashion cinema and watched the new Karate Kid.

We ate dinners in country pubs ( Should have taken a photo of the meal in Gaynda ... half a pig in two pork chops and half a field of veg all for A$15.00 ) and breakfasts in country bakeries.

We listened to each others music, swapped stories and ideas, laughed, got frustrated with each other at times and watched our mighty Rugby League team the Queensland Mighty Maroons win the 2010 State of Origin 3 - 0.
We visited the beautiful town of Seventeen Seventy where Captain Cook first came a shore and stood on Australian soil. While it is now widely acknowledged that the Dutch discovered Australia on the West Coast it is actually at Seventeen Seventy that Australia was first officially discovered and the first steps of the settlement of this great country was started.

And we got to visit our newest additions to the extended Swansson Clan.



  1. You're back already?! :)

    Sounds like your walkabout was transformational. I love that photo of the flowering cane fields....magical!

    Thanks for the snapshot of your walkabout, Andrew! Definitely a special time you and Dylan won't forget.

    Kerry XOX

  2. Yes unfortunitly back already .. School is back in on Tuesday and we have our Chinese exchange student arriving on Monday for his 10 week stay.

    Grub and I could have quite happly kept driving for another month !

  3. What a wonderful trip! Your son will remember this always. You know, I had not idea that sugarcane flowered! Who knew?

  4. I've lived close to cane fields most of my life and never knew it flowered until now .. very pretty sight.

    Same as watching them harvest without the burn off ... Never knew they could do that either.

  5. How wonderful. You both will remember this trip forever.

    Love that you bought a bottle of Rum for his 40th. You are such a great dad!