I Know I Am Intelligent Because I Know That I Know Nothing .... Socrates

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank You Marla

I have been feeling very sorry for myself this week.

You see my life isn't exactly how I planned it to be !

So I have been just managing to keep the Black Dog at bay and have been snapping at all the wrong people all week, feeling sorry for myself and generally making a total ASS out of myself.

I feel ashamed at how I have carried on this week after reading the below two links by a blog that I follow called Butts and Ashes by Marla !

If you havn't already, please read the THREE links below ...

Thank you Marla for pulling my head out of my own ass !

I Am A Luck Man !

This Place Looks Like A Tornado Went Through It
The Morning After

Life Lesson Number 6. " You can't see the sunset or hear the birds singing with you head stuck up your ass "

Dohi to you all


  1. Andrew ~ I hardly know what to say....and that rarely happens. As I read through your posts one thing stands out: the fact that you are a fine man and a wonderful father. Yes, we all need a reminder now and then about what is really important in this life. But.....don't be too hard on yourself. You inspire a lot of people with your life/writing.... including me.

  2. That was an incredible story, wasn't it? I love Marla's blog, and Marla herself is a beautiful woman.

    I've found that for the most part our lives never turn out as we would have writ them, but honestly I think that's a good thing. I believe our souls guide us in the direction we need to go, whether or not we always like it.

  3. Marla, Kristen ... Thank you both for your comments, I never cease to be amazed at how life always has just the right lesson for you at just the right time, simple things that happen or in this case a message and something to read ! Life never fails to tell you what you need to know as long as your head isn't burried in a place that stops you from hearing.

    And yes Kristen our souls and our guides certainly takes us where we NEED to go whether it is a place we want to go to or not .. we spend so much of our lives trying to infuence or direct our path when the natural one, the one me should take is right in front of us and the path of least resistance.