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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Moment Of Existance

The plan was to be as the trees, to just enjoy existing. The place was a small café restaurant called “ The Polish Place ” located on the top of Tamborine Mountain just west of the Gold Coast.

It was a perfect Autumn day and the cool breeze tickled across your body as the sun reached down between the clouds to remind you that summer was not quite ready to surrender it’s hold on the land.

The birdlife swooped and danced amongst the gum trees as little children play when the cares of the world didn’t exist. A lonely crow calls for acknowledgment from a distant resting place.

Far below the mountain, distant cattle bellow, their deep cries for attention hitch hiking a ride across the plans on the carefree breeze.

I drew in a deep breath and savoured the distinct Australian fragrance of eucalyptus, lantana and bottle brush trees. Each deep breath seemed to stretch the lungs and invigorate the body with saturated Australian bush mountain air.

Our platter of fine Polish small goods and cheese arrived, delivered with pride by the young smiling staff dressed in traditional national Polish attire.

Today was indeed a fine day, fine foods, fine company, fine location and fine beverages. Today was indeed a fine day to be alive.

The rainbow lorikeets eyed off our platter and any cream or sugar to be seen within fifty feet, ever creeping closer and closer in an attempt to steal any sweet morsal that was unattended.
I eagerly survey the outdoor dinning area eager to spot the local goanna which frequents the Polish Place. Never a more dominant yet peaceful figure have I seen as this 6 ft native friend. Unfortunately I did not have the pleasure of introducing my friend today, oh well yet another good reason to return.

I look out across the plains to the distant mountains and am instantly reminded of both the vastness of this beautiful country and of her spirit and individuality. Ancient lands forged in isolation by volcanos and millions of years of living, humbling all that look upon her.

The Great Dividing Range stretches her back from distant horizon to distant horizon. Formed at the birth of our great nation she now stands tall as a symbol of the strong backs that gave Australia it’s modern birth.

Yet to look over the vast plans and mountains is to feel the spirit of the land that our first ones so intimately understood and acknowledged. They understood that no one owns her, no one can contain her spirit. But if you are respectful and treat her well she will wrap her arms around you and lift you to a place higher than any mountain and provide you with everything us mere mortals could ever need.
Before I knew it I had been soaking up the energies of this place for 3 hours and it was time to vacate my throne so high. I had come enjoyed my existence, I both recharged and reflected. I listened, I felt and I tasted, allowing my body to exist.

As I slowly walked back to the car I took one last longing look and smiled as this place of magic is only about 30 minutes from my home and I will be back.


  1. Andrew ~ What a lovely experience. Thank you so much for sharing this. I felt like I was there. The photos are amazing!

  2. Wow, what a serene and beautiful place. Go back soon!

  3. Beautiful! This is what I call true communion with Nature. :-)