I Know I Am Intelligent Because I Know That I Know Nothing .... Socrates

Friday, May 21, 2010

Foot & Mouth

Well here we are again people.

Foot in mouth again !

You know, I spend most of my life swinging from one position to the other !

Either I'm frustrated because I feel like I have no voice in this world which leaves me feeling cornered, caged, pointless as well as feeling like a coward for not having the courage to express myself.


If I finally do find the courage to express myself I always seem to offend someone which then sends me running for the shadows, tail between the legs and feeling guilty because I spoke up and offended someone. Once again I did it wrong !

I just don't get it most of the time sorry ! I just don't understand the rules and regulations to conversations and socialising.

I have come to the conclusion that I speak a different language than the rest of humanity.

All of this reminds me of a poem I came across many many years ago which I have always thought captured this perfectly, called ....

I know you

By Henry Rollins


  1. If I had a dollar for every time I offended someone I could quit and retire now. Comes with being honest, I'm afraid.

  2. Just a big Sooky La La I guess Wanderlust, never been able to offend and not feel the worst out of it.

    Time for another teaspoon of cement dust I guess to toughen the F@#K Up!