I Know I Am Intelligent Because I Know That I Know Nothing .... Socrates

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Suburban Truth

Sunshine soft
Sunshine warm
Wattles swaying over fresh cut lawns,
Dancing birds singing bright
At the rays of dawns first light.
The smell of toast, coffee, tea
Float on past on a morning breeze,
Souls raised high on a wing and a prayer
For a day without despair.
Movement and clatter as the day awakes
People start to move in haste
Cars are started
Tempers fray
Here we go on another day.
Office opens
Boss demands
There goes that bloody phone again
No time for lunch
No time to breath
No time to smile
No time to be.
End of day boss is richer,
Shares are up in the bigger picture.
The global village grows and grows,
At the expense of our mortal souls.
Feeling exhausted brain won’t work
Heading home to a place that hurts,
Wife demands less hours more pay
Get it right or she won’t stay.
Kids need braces
Bills demand
Self-esteem has faltered again.
All demand all want and need
All want your blood to help them be,
Bleed you do
Every last drop
Until all is gone
And you simply drop.
Peace at last,
Free of demands.
Sleep deep my friend till dawns first light,
When the birds wake you with their singing bright
To herald the new day on a wing and a prayer
Of a day without despair.
Andrew Swansson
© 2010


  1. Brilliant poem Andrew! I do enjoy reading them. :)

  2. Ah - gloat to everyone - Bro rang me at 7.30 in the morning to read this one to me FIRST. LOL - it is good Andrew and quite appropriate for our busy day and age of busy busy busy with nothing usually accomplished except to make more money and spend more money on stuff that means nothing in the end. Stuff is stuff. Relationships are where the gold lies. Love Ya, Wendy