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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Path

The Path

You’ve chosen your path,
No guidance from us can change that.
You’ve decided to leave,
Nothing I do can change that.
You don’t see the world we see,
Nothing we show you can change that.
You twist and distort what you hear,
Nothing I say can change that.

I can’t stand next to fire anymore,
It’s heat pushes me away.
It’s ambers dance and bewitch,
But it burns when we connect.
It used to keep me warm,
It used to show me a way.
But it’s now flared and wild,
And just too dangerous to stay.

Protect I must,
Remember I dare,
Never forget,
When we were there.
Good bye my friend,
Travel well and be free.
And know in my heart,
I will always be with thee.

Andrew Swansson
© 2010

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